Balancing Spirit and Matter

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Most people think of inner alchemy as an esoteric path to enlightenment and even though it is that, it is also deeply practical. At its heart, it is about balancing Spirit and Matter.
Many of us feel this inner conflict when we say things like “my heart wants to do this but I need to make money, I need to survive.”
This conflict is at the basis of all pain in the world. It is why we as individuals often hurt the peoples we are closest to, using our mind/feelings (the invisible world of spirit/energy ) to devalue the person we love (matter).
It is this inner longing to heal the split between Spirit and Matter that human souls incarnate to resolve. And unless we are honest and resolve the split within ourselves, all of our blame and finger pointing at the outer problems in the world will have no true power to influence and produce change.

The classic alchemical texts talk about the symbol of the ‘Sacred Marriage’ of the Sun and Moon. In psychological terms, this represents the union of the inner male and female – the animus and the anima. It is represented in the world by our ability to balance our inner spiritual lives with our outer material lives.
We do this by developing the 3rd transcendent force. What is called True Inner Power. This is a power that is effortless.
In gene keys terms its about uniting the paradox of the sun/earth and personality/design into a 3rd mysterious transcendent force called human destiny.
A human being has to develop a neutral center, a 3rd transcendent place to witness all the very powerful forces that pull us and play out in our lives.
This neutral center will allow us to take decisions and speak words and emanate radiance that bring more harmony and balance to any situation.
If we can develop this 3rd transcendent place within us we can say we are fulfilling the very reason to be human which is for me to be an embodiment of compassion and service deeply enjoying our role being in matter and at the same time transcending matter.
True inner power is about cultivating this 3rd transcendent neutral core. Without it we are tossed around by the forces of nature and the forces of our astrology and all the different human needs.

A meditation practice in combination with the contemplation of the structure of the psyche will assist all of us in discriminating between the different forces and needs that pull on us and our true essential self that can act free of such forces and conditioning.

Ultimately human destiny is something far greater then a profile or an eastern or western technique for enlightenment. Human destiny is about embracing everything in our lives and seeing that it is here to support the mystery of our unfolding moment by moment.
This is what destiny is, not some fixed thing but an ever unfolding mystery that will leave you continually astounded at the intelligence and perfection of Existence.


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Dan Motoc is a Personal Transformation Facilitator, a Guide in journeys of Expanded States of Consciousness and a Mentor for those in a psycho-spiritual transformation. Dan has been trained in Transpersonal psychology, Holotropic Breathwork, Hypnotherapy, OFT healing, Human design and Gene Keys systems and Amazonian plant Shamanism. He was born in Romania and has been living in Montreal for the past 7 years, where he is facilitating shamanic workshops and giving lectures on spirituality and wholistic healing. He founded Shamanica Institute in 2016.
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