Sacred plants like Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Ciric Sinango or Mapacho have a huge contribution to healing, interior transformation and the transcendence of the ego identifications.

We are organizing spiritual and healing retreats deep in the Amazonian jungle with our partners from Amaru Spirit.

Our work initially focuses upon the cleansing and alignment of the four primary ‘bodies’ – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. As this proceeds, a stable ‘launch platform’ is created from which one can safely explore all that the plant medicines have to teach us about the larger nature of reality.

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Entheogens Sharing & Integration Circle – Support Group

You are invited to our informative community weekly gathering where we will explore different aspects of Sacred Medicines. 

We will touch upon the rewards and risks, preparation, integration, historical information, questions and answers. We will reflect on our past experiences and share with the group.

The intention of this gathering is to meet like-minded people, to give feedback from different experiences and to create a network of trust and support. This circle is open to anyone who has worked with or may be considering working with Sacred Plants and is interested in the exploration of non-ordinary states of Consciousness.

Every time we will meet we will explore different topics and we will have one guest speaker, but the structure of the program is open and will change as we continue this journey.

Looking forward to seeing you!   

For details please check our Meetup group  Ayahuasca, San Pedro – Sacred Plant Medicines Montreal

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Sacred Couple

                           ” Opening to the unlimited potential of the future of man and woman together in a way not yet imagined “

Join me in this workshop where I will share with you powerful rituals and simple inner alchemy meditations to break the unconscious contracts of the past.

These powerful unconscious contracts lead to an amazing whirlwind of love and passion in the first stages of relationships and also lead to so much blame and pain in the later stages. These sacred contracts served humanity for many thousands of years and are based on sexual and emotional hunger, on the feeling that only a partner will complete us and end our longing.

Whenever we meet someone of the opposite sex and there is a powerful attraction, these contracts are awakened in our cellular memory and for most of us this process is deeply unconscious.

To open to this new extraordinary energy from the future and let it into our hearts, relationships and life we need to consciously do two things:

1. Embrace and acknowledge our hunger
2. Consciously break the ancestral contracts of the past.

I believe we are being asked to look deeply into our hunger. And not only to look deeply but to own it so completely, to embrace it with such a fierce awareness, that it will never ever again seduce us.

The source of our longing is the fundamental need of Connection. The need for Connection is the expression of the fundamental unity of everything that exists, the need expressed by returning to the whole, of reunifying, while we are in human form, in a body. The birth in a human body and identifying with it, living in a reality of separation, not only does not smooth the need for connection but actually increases it. The body is a kind of loneliness of our Divine consciousness dimension, loneliness which we will try to compensate for, sometimes desperately, in order to find the Connection. Children need connection with their parents, but as we grow up, the need for connection is reflected in relationships.

What you will experience and learn during the workshop

• The Binary Soul theory
• Learn how to harmonize the two main Fire (male) and Water (female) channels in your body.
• Work through the past pain (very slow) or renounce the old contracts (fast and freeing)
• Individual and group rituals to awaken to the future now
• Why we are so hungry and frustrated with the opposite sex
• The concepts of Anima and Animus
• How our longing, if embraced fully and consciously, can lead to balance and creativity
• Soul incompletion is the driving force for all sexual and emotional hunger
• The magic and freedom contained in sexual and emotional longing when fully embraced
• How to stop projecting onto the opposite sex and see them as they truly are.

As conscious individuals do this, they will start to come together in couples that no longer have hunger as the driving unconscious force.

I especially encourage any of you that are experienced in working with conscious sexuality and conscious relationships to attend.
The course is also open to anyone who is deeply frustrated with their own relationship patterns and is looking for something radically different.

“I believe that all our relationships will have an inner peace once we consciously let go of the contracts and embrace the longing. This inner peace though will not be PASSIVE, although we will feel a union within our souls, the outer expression of it will be boundless creativity that will astonish us and yet feel so familiar we will wonder why we waited so long.”   ~Dan Motoc

***The 2022 dates are posted on the Shamanica Institute’s Fb events page

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Giving Birth – A Mystical Experience

                                                         ” Birthing is the most profound initiation to spirituality a woman can have “

Childbirth is a huge rite of passage in a woman’s life. Like most rites of passages, it may not be easy, but it can take you deeper than you’ve ever been your entire life.

At its best, experiencing birth provides a powerful blend of emotional empowerment, spiritual connection, and physical ecstasy.

Come and join us to discover birth from a totally different perspective.

The workshop includes:
– A talk about conscious birthing and its unique transformative potential- by Alina Panteleev
– A talk about transpersonal events in birth-giving, the shamanic ritual of ‘re-birth’ and the immensely healing potential as a result of the integration of the birth trauma – by Dan Motoc
– A question-discussion round
– A guided meditation to integrate the information received and close the workshop

***The 2022 dates are posted on the Shamanica Institute’s Fb events page

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Temazcal – Sweat Lodge

A ceremony that combines elements of Native American and Mesoamerican rituals to bring cleansing to your mind, body, and soul.

The ritual performed during the ceremony makes possible the connection with the four elements of the world which are earth, water, fire and air. The steam (produced by the water poured over stones heated in the sacred fire) unites each participant to these elements inside the lodge which represents the womb of Mother Earth.

***The 2022 dates are posted on the Shamanica Institute’s Fb events page

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The Toltec path of recapitulation

Recapitulation is one of the techniques described by Toltecs as part of the mastery of transformation, and is about restoring or recapitulating lost life force.

The loss of life‐force is known as Soul‐Loss, and it can take place when we suffer a trauma, have an accident, experience strong emotional exchanges with a loved one, separation from a partner, death of a loved one, go through a pervasive period of difficult circumstances. When we undergo a severe trauma typically a part of our vital nature goes away, so that we can survive whatever is happening to us. It is a way for the body and consciousness to survive severe trauma. Problems develop when the soul part or fragment does not return. It may not want to come back, or may not be able to return due to the nature of the trauma.

Recapitulation involves re-living and re-processing the original traumatic event and experiencing the emotional pain again until it feels fully discharged and emptied, and then transforming our initial perspective about what really happened, about the true significance of the past action behind its surface appearance. In a sense, it is an act of re-writing the past, because there is no past except in our present recollections. Recapitulation also involves retrieving any parts of yourself that are living in memories that are painful, and bringing them ‘online’. Soul Retrieval is one of the most well‐known and effective practices to this end. 

This is a one day workshop, from 9:00am until 4:30pm.

***The 2022 dates are posted on the Shamanica Institute’s Fb events page

Vision Quests

Dare to take the plunge and prepare for a retreat alone in nature for four days, without food. This transformative rite of passage has been practiced in most Indigenous nations for hundreds of years. It can transform your life and bring tremendous clarity of Vision (of purpose) about your life and where it is headed.

***The 2022 dates are posted on the Shamanica Institute’s Fb events page

A gallery with pics from our recent events: