Gene Keys – Activation Sequence 

Throughout the millennia, various esoteric systems have attempted to lay out maps of human destiny, in order to fulfill our fundamental need to understand the journey we take through life: who we are, where we come from, and where we’re headed to.

The Gene Keys system is the manual we should have received at birth. Comprised of both ancient revelations from the I Ching, and modern scientific, rational facts, this knowledge is completely compatible with the way that humanity is trying to decrypt its own destiny today, in the context of the new energies arising. Richard Rudd, the author of this system, brings us, through the medium of the 64 hexagrams, our individual hologenetic profile, and also the evolutionary tendencies of human civilization, making deep connections between esoteric knowledge and the latest discoveries in the fields of quantum physics and genetics.

With the help of the Hologenetic Profile, a map generated according to the exact time, date and place of birth, the Gene Keys quite literally draw out individual evolutionary paths, providing markers and “street signs” meant to guide us towards our highest purpose. By contemplating and acknowledging the patterns hidden behind the shadows we face in life, we can transform the energy that feeds these patterns into the wonderful gifts that stem from our DNA. Once we are able to pinpoint our own personal path, life becomes a series of synchronous events that bring fulfillment and joy, and that allow us to manifest our creativity, free of the draining bonds of hard work and constant lack of time.

The journey through the fascinating constellations of our genetic makeup is one of the friendliest ways to contemplate, even for the most rational, left-brained of us. It provides a space of permanent safety, and the opportunity to always slow down whenever the amount and intensity of newly acquired information drags us out of our comfort zone. Beyond the mystical layer of things, we find a realistic, rational, science-based approach meant to keep the logical realm and the realm of subtle energies in balance.

The main feature of this system is its capacity to outline the repetitive patterns that we are prone to living out. Often times, these repetitive patterns make us draw dramatic conclusions, and lead us to believe that certain unfavorable situations happen only to us, or specifically to us; this, in turn, makes it seem like we are being constantly and unfairly obstructed and pushed around by the Divine. Actually, the clichés we tend to repeat in our lives over and over again are nothing more than fractal reflections of the spiritual errors that we constantly make. Bringing these reflections to light, and accepting them as part of the vulnerable nature of human existence, are only the first two steps on the way to acknowledge our inner genius.

The Gene Keys, being, as they are, so intimately connected to our body chemistry and the inner workings of our endocrine system, act as an accurate “Ph indicator” of our inner state, and of the body’s general wellbeing. One can approach this system directly and pragmatically, without the need of any previous knowledge in the field of genetics, or years of spiritual practice; the results become visible shortly thereafter:

  • Becoming aware of repetitive behavioral patterns and their causes;

  • Becoming free from the pressure of unconscious internal conflict;

  • Becoming aware of your Shadow and learning how to integrate it;

  • Gaining a new understanding of the feelings of guilt;

  • Becoming aware of one’s individual responsibility in the process of global awakening;

  • Preventing mental and emotional patterns from being transmitted to future generations;

  • Healing the family tree;

  • Reprogramming DNA and tuning it to a new level of planetary Consciousness;

  • Newfound vitality and health on all levels (physical, mental and emotional);

  • Managing and using all of life’s challenges to evolve to a higher level of Consciousness.

The Activation Sequence in the Gene Keys marks the beginning of the Golden Path on both an individual and a collective level. It represents the Path of the Hero, our path as people living and discovering the many fascinating aspects and manifestations of the Divine in life here on Earth. This knowledge helps us learn a few simple lessons from all the rich diversity of Creation and from the many personal existential dramas we go through; once these lessons have been learned, we become free from the chains of karmic fatalism.

A second part of the Path (offered later, as integration time is needed in between) is the Venus Sequence, which focuses on learning how to open our hearts through relationships. The Golden Path is a voyage of practical contemplation, by understanding the lessons of the gene keys in terms our everyday life. This contemplation is not merely mental or intellectual; it goes deeper into the emotional and physical bodies, altering our DNA, which affects how we perceive and respond to the world, and what kind of reality we create in our lives.

I am teaching the Activation Sequence in a workshop format, as part of the Shadow work seminars. During the workshop you will be introduced to this amazing tool that is the Gene Keys system and you will learn how to use it in your daily life. We will together explore your Hologenetic profile and you will leave with a personalized program that will guide you on your path towards wholeness.

Contact us at to find out information about the next workshops. Please note the duration of the Gene Keys – Activation Sequence workshop is 4 hours.