Original Feeling Touch ® OFT


The Original Feeling Touch ® (OFT) perspective

Original Feeling Touch was developed by Andrew Fretwell and is the most powerful and simple approach to unconditional touch healing. The approach comes from the Taoist lineage of master Mantak Chia and the practice of Chi Nei Tsang.

Chi Nei Tsang is a very simple body work technique that focuses primarily on providing an unconditional supportive touch to the nervous system and abdomen. This touch allows the receiver to become conscious of hidden emotional charges that are the underlying cause of all symptoms.

True healing is defined as an understanding that painful symptoms are not something to just be repressed or ignored, whether a bodily symptom or an outer life symptom. These symptoms are ways the all intelligent life force uses to communicate information to us.

In OFT we recognize that all symptoms are the result of chronic stress arising as emotional charges hiding in the body until such time as we have enough Awareness and feel supported to get in touch with those emotions. From the OFT perspective all healing has to do with ‘digesting’ the hidden emotional charges in our bodies.

In OFT we understand that all symptoms no matter how challenging are opportunities to grow and evolve and cultivate our life purpose. We understand that symptoms are healthy reactions to unhealthy situations. In other words we are often in situations that don’t honour our hearts and our true role in life.

Paradoxically even though the OFT focus is not on fixing symptoms when the energy and information that is trapped in the symptom is transformed, the symptoms also resolve and the life force that originally held the symptom in place is now freed up for living your unique life more fully.

OFT provides the support of an unconditional touch that will allow you to experience deeper dimensions of yourself.

Imagine that you are in the womb surrounded by the amniotic fluid: you feel supported and loved unconditionally. You float in a state of unity that reminds you at a physical level of a deeper spiritual state in which you are one with everything.

Now think for a moment at the amniotic fluid. Do you think the liquid is saying “Let’s embrace and support this child”, “Let’s go help this child to feel good,” “Let’s apply what I learned in school, I know what’s best for this child “? No. The amniotic fluid is the life that sustains life; it does not intend to do anything, but knows very well how to sustain life in growth. We all have in us the memory of this state of oneness with our mother, with life. We call this feeling Original Feeling. Each cell carries within this memory, and when we use OFT, healing occurs by itself.

Same as the amniotic fluid, when working with OFT we unconditionally support others and “do without doing”.

OFT is a way of reminding people of their natural state. Deep relaxation is the birthright of every human being. Just look at small babies. They are so so very relaxed! That’s our natural state, and OFT brings us back to that state of relaxation.

The inner impulse principle

All those who want to help are driven by an inner impulse to make a change, to use their creativity to connect with life, with the Divine, in order to support and guide others.

Working within the OFT paradigm is a paradox: to support others unconditionally, like the amniotic fluid, and in the same time to respect the innocence of this inner impulse.




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