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Prayer is not the act of asking for something you don’t have. Prayer is a state of gratitude that allows you to recognize what you have already been given. Because you already have been given everything. And in the state of gratitude you will see, and your life will reveal to you, that you already have what you didn’t think you had.

That is the secret of magic – to know that you already have what it is you wish to have. And in the state of humble gratitude to thank the Infinite for what you already have. And let it be shown to you that you have it. That is prayer.

Prayer must remain in the present, not project into the future, for that is a denial of who you are now. Not longing for the past either, for that is a denial of where you are now. Denial leads to separation, leads to projection, leads to blame. Responsibility is yours to have and responsibility is your power.


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Dan Motoc is a Personal Transformation Facilitator, a Guide in journeys of Expanded States of Consciousness and a Mentor for those in a psycho-spiritual transformation. Dan has been trained in Transpersonal psychology, Holotropic Breathwork, Hypnotherapy, OFT healing, Human design and Gene Keys systems and Amazonian plant Shamanism. He was born in Romania and has been living in Montreal for the past 7 years, where he is facilitating shamanic workshops and giving lectures on spirituality and wholistic healing. He founded Shamanica Institute in 2016.
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