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Remember who you are. Remember your true nature. This is the only place that you will find inner peace and harmony. Make this the primary motivation in your spiritual journey.
You must remember what you are. You must remember your own infinite nature.

How to remember this? It is not enough to simply read about it. You must know it for yourself. You must experience it for yourself.
What are you made of? You are aware that you have a physical body. You are aware that you will lose this physical body one day. But what you are can never die. What you are is what you have always been and what you will always be. It transcends physicality. It transcends time. It transcends space. It is right here. Know yourself as this.

Ask yourself: What Am I? What is here that transcends this physical body? Something is aware. Regardless of what happens in your life this awareness is untouched. Regardless of what you are feeling, what you are thinking, this awareness is always here. But where is it? Can you touch it? Where is this essence that is aware? You must look within yourself in order to find it.

Close your eyes and bring your attention inside. Can you feel that is an aliveness here, a spark? It is an alert stillness that is found when you drop fully into this present moment, when you de-identify yourself from your thoughts. Don’t try to stop the thoughts, simply notice the thoughts. Recognize that you are not the thoughts. You are experiencing thoughts coming and going.

It is in this stillness that you will find yourself. Stop looking for yourself in the outside world, in books, in career success, in getting recognition from others, in relationships. This search will never end. You must turn your attention around and find the one that is looking. And there you will find all your answers.


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Dan Motoc is a Personal Transformation Facilitator, a Guide in journeys of Expanded States of Consciousness and a Mentor for those in a psycho-spiritual transformation. Dan has been trained in Transpersonal psychology, Holotropic Breathwork, Hypnotherapy, OFT healing, Human design and Gene Keys systems and Amazonian plant Shamanism. He was born in Romania and has been living in Montreal for the past 7 years, where he is facilitating shamanic workshops and giving lectures on spirituality and wholistic healing. He founded Shamanica Institute in 2016.
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