“I found Dan Motoc’s Shamanica Institute about a year ago when I was doing research and learning about alternative treatments for chronic illness. My health had been quickly deteriorating over the previous six months that I met Dan, and I was confident that he could provide me with good guidance on the steps that I needed to take to heal myself. He was there for me all along, always going the extra mile, and making sure that I would have access to the people, the communities and the resources to successfully go through my treatment. It only took a few months and a great teacher and unconditional friend like Dan, for me to heal entirely and beyond the physical body. Words cannot possibly express how grateful I am to have crossed paths with him, and I know deeply that without his guidance, his wisdom, his trust, his empathy, his patience and his care, I would be in a very different place mentally, emotionally and physically” Monica Soria Baledon

“I am deeply grateful to Dan and his ability to meet you where you are. With his calm and unconditional presence, he will guide you into your own healing. It is liberating to open up to someone who holds space for the entirety of both your shadow and light. As a mom who wishes to parent from wholeness, to recognize my own conditioning is key. Thank you Dan for bringing clarity.” Rebecca Baboutine

“Dan is extremely knowledgeable in the realms of the psyche and navigating consciousness. I was halfway across the world and through phone communication, Dan tuned into precisely the guidance I needed, helping me through a deep transformational process, step by step.. I felt held and safe, in his unconditionally loving, grounding presence. Dan has been an anchor in my most turbulent times which felt apocalyptic.. I don’t know where I would be without him. Infinitely grateful!!!” Thalia De Vigne

“The Shamanica Institute integration circles were an important part of the journey. A powerful catalyst. Forever Thankful. Thank You.” Frank Nella