Integral shamanism is a holistic approach and therefore we are considering the physical body as important as the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. All four bodies are instruments of perception. Detoxing the physical body is as important as detoxing the emotional body or correcting/upgrading our beliefs system. All four bodies need to be in alignment in order for the person to be healthy.

The role of the Dietas is deep cleansing and grounding, which have a profound effect on Consciousness. When dense or negative energy is released from the body, and when there is a spiritual practice in place to support this, an inner balance is restored into the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. This inner alignment is a part of the process of the Plant Dieta.

We work with different detoxing programs and Plant Dietas, some here in North America (liver-gallbladder flush, Mapacho Dieta), some in the Amazonian jungle (over 80 Plant Dietas).



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