What is Integral Shamanism?

We live in a period when new paradigms are born. The old paradigms that served humanity for thousands of years are no longer valid.

Shamanism is healing. It is a path of inner transformation. A path that takes us beyond our limitations, to discover our pure spirit inside.

Shamanism has been with us for thousands of years. It is the oldest spiritual path known to humanity. Sacred plants and other shamanic techniques create a bridge between the seen and the unseen, between the physical and the non-physical dimensions. They trigger expanded states of Consciousness in which one becomes more aware of his or her connection with the Source. The shamanic tools have the power to expand Consciousness through the spiritual experience they produce. Living an expanded state of Consciousness is in itself a transforming experience that can change your life and bring healing.

Integral Shamanism brings together ancient shamanism and transpersonal psychology. It bring together many polarities: the old and the new, tradition and modernity, practice and theory. It is a marriage between the Mind and the Heart.

Transpersonal psychology gives us the knowledge, the structure of the psyche, as a base of understanding for the linear mind. The shamanic methods give the explorer access to non-ordinary states of Consciousness, the tools the explorer can use to expend his Awareness.

In the life’s journey, we are travellers looking for the way Home. To a state of wholeness. Shamanism has the vehicle to get Home, and the transpersonal psychology has the map.

Modern psychology gives us the map. But the map is not the territory. And here is where shamanism comes into play. Because it provides us the vehicle to explore the territory. Both the map and the vehicle are needed for your journey. If you have the map but you don’t have the vehicle, you cannot start your journey. You cannot even begin it. You will remain where you are. You will not move. Thus, you will not grow. The only thing you can do is to start imagine that you are on a journey. But this is not real. It is only your imagination. It is a Fantasy Land. And this is exactly where a map without a vehicle can take you: to your own Fantasy Land.

One the other hand, traditional shamanism gives us the vehicle but it does not give us the map. If you have a vehicle, we can move, but without a map we cannot reach the destination. Without a map you don’t know where you are in your journey. You are lost. You don’t understand what is happening and why is happening. You might think you reached the destination but you actually arrived somewhere else. Your journey is a journey of confusion. You move in circles, going on the same paths over and over again.

Both the map and the vehicle are necessary for the traveller to find the way Home.

Once the human experience begins and we are born in a physical body, we forget who we are. We forget our Divine dimension. We identify with the physical dimension and feel separated. We begin to perceive everything through the linear mind. This is the old paradigm, a paradigm of separation. But what we never lost is the need for connection with the whole. The need for connection is the expression of the fundamental unity of everything that exists. We have it deep encoded into our being. This need is expressed by the spiritual journey of returning to the whole, of reunifying, while we are in human form, in a body.

Integral Shamanism can help us shift to a new paradigm. It has the vehicle and the map. It has what we need to find the way Home. To feel whole again.

In the new integral paradigm we have the Awareness that we create every experience and everything is an aspect of our Consciousness.

We will discover together that ‘upper and lower’, ‘inner and outer’ are dimensions in our psyche, that we are Creators in each space of Consciousness. The world as we see it is our own creation. We live within ourselves. All that surrounds us IS us.

We discover that everywhere in the vast territories of Consciousness we are at Home. This is the new paradigm of an awakened humanity. You will discover that you were never separated from the Divine. You only thought you were and you experimented Reality as such. Now you feel connected again. You are cured of the illusion of separation from the whole.

This is the vision of an Integral reality, in which Man and Divine are expressions of the same experience, the only difference between the two being the Awareness.

The consequences of this shift in paradigm are incalculable. In the center of Reality is us, our presence, our choices and our gestures. We are in a permanent act of creation of Reality.

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