At Shamanica Institute we are guided by the belief that everyone who is dedicated to bringing Awareness into his or her life changes the whole World. This Awareness is a profound perception of ourselves and of the Reality we create.

We believe in transforming the world by rising the Awareness of every single being that chooses to do so. One person at a time.

In our modern society people have a very powerful identification with the mental space. However, the physical plane, which is the territory of the mind, is only a small part of the reality. The rest is ‘unconscious’ because the humanity confuses Awareness with Rationality. The existence is not rational in the linear sense.  It has its own multidimensional, spherical logic, incomprehensible by the linear mind. The identification with the physical aspect of reality makes us feel separated from the whole and creates dis-harmony in our being and in our lives. This dis-harmony is the source of illness, addiction and lack of life purpose, so common in our society.

The key of restoring the harmony is listening to our hearts.

Mind can take us very far, but it arrives at a point where it can take us no further. It arrives at a point where its dominion ends and a greater dominion begins: that of the heart. Mind has done an amazing job to take you so far. But from here further it has to step aside. When the mind steps aside, it does not mean that the rationality of the mind is lost. The logical mind remains, but a different kind of rationality is added: the rationality of the heart. And the heart has its own rationality, different from that of the mind. It is an expansion to a new land. And in this expansion, nothing is lost. It is an enrichment. The two complement each other. So you can function better and be more of who you are.

Only when you quiet the mind there is a possibility for the heart to grow. Otherwise, mind itself becomes the blockage. The judgements and projections of the mind become the very barrier. In its surrendering, the mind is in a sense lost. But when the mind is lost, the heart is found.

When we are centered in the heart and perceive everything through the heart more subtle planes of existence can be accessed, far beyond the physical reality. The heart is the door.

Healing through a shift to a higher plane of Consciousness

Humanity needs healing. Healing is different from fixing. Fixing means treating the symptoms. And not addressing the cause. This is what Western medicine does. It fixes symptoms. It tries to eradicate the illness. It fights the illness. This approach that is exclusively focused on fixing fails to cure an illness because it ignores the real source of the illness.

Healing is not an eradication of an illness but an embracement of that illness from a higher plane.

Healing is rising the vibration to a higher plane of reality. A plane where the inner conflicts that created the illness are reconciled and integrated. On this higher plane what was rejected is embraced. The lost harmony is restored. Everything is understood from an integral perspective, containing all points of view, all actions and all energies involved. The harmony achieved ‘there’, in the higher dimensions, is manifested as healing ‘here’, in the physical dimension. Because everything that happens, it happens in the higher dimensions first. And then it manifests in the physical world. As Above so Below.

In healing, you cease to center your existence on the level of reality where the antagonism between the health and the illness exists. Instead you transpose your existence to a higher plane of Consciousness, where your inner conflicts are transcended. When you enter this state of Awareness, the illness often disappears without a trace.

For such a shift in Consciousness to happen one has to embrace his Shadow. The Shadow is the sum of those aspects of our personality we don’t like to identify with. All the things we don’t like about ourselves. All our vulnerabilities. To see our Shadow means becoming honest with ourselves. Only when we are honest with ourselves we bring the Shadow to the surface. Into the Light.

This is exactly what shamanism does. And this is our approach at Shamanica Institute. In the shamanic perspective, all dis-ease arises from the conflict between the Shadow and the conscious self, creating imbalances and blockages in the psyche. Sacred plants and other shamanic techniques bring the Shadow to the surface, where it can be examined and integrated consciously.

In this process old traumas from both the body and the psyche are cleared.

We want to heal ourselves, want to become whole and awaken, but in the same time we are creatures of comfort and sometimes we prefer to be miserable in a known environment rather than approach change and the unknown. We work on changing this mechanism and become comfortable in a place that is uncomfortable.

For instance, the way the human system is designed, a nervous breakdown is for most people the best thing that can happen to them. The breakdown is actually an unconscious process of self-healing. The crisis can be the start point of one’s healing and returning to wholeness.

This is the new healing paradigm of the 21st centuryHealing through spiritual growth.

At Shamanica Institute we are dedicated to the exploration of Consciousness. In our approach the most important is the direct experience, not the theory. We are organising workshops, therapy sessions, retreats and offering assistance to people in search of healing, inner transformation and Self Awareness.


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