My name is Dan Motoc. I am a Personal Transformation Facilitator, a Guide in journeys of Expanded States of Consciousness and a Mentor for those in a psycho-spiritual transformation. My passion is working with the deepest contents of the human psyche and bringing them to awareness for ontological, therapeutic and interior transformation purposes.

My focus is to connect people to their Soul and to help them live in the world as a Soul. From this state of Wholeness a deep understanding of the meaning of all life events is gained, including trauma and disease and the ability to use these events for greater Self-Awareness and Beingness.

I was blessed to have had great teachers, who guided me along the way and to whom I am very grateful: Stanislav Grof, C. Michael Smith, David Slocum Hewson, Andrew Fretwell. I walked many spiritual paths, from both Western and Eastern traditions, searching for something new, hoping to find the essence of it all. Until I found it. Deep inside myself. After many healing journeys and consciousness exploration, I have fashioned a mature, anchored space where my inner voice is my most powerful ally and guide. This experiential base allows me to connect with people at a deep level and bring my transformative presence for them to discover and follow their own wisdom.

My approach is a synthesis of useful concepts in psychology and the practice of shamanism. I have a Transpersonal, Jungian orientation and I have extensive experience working with entheogens. All practices used at Shamanica Institute are practices I used on my path. The path I walked is a path that is walked now by other explorers in the new paradigm that is unfolding now on Earth.

I will support you through your awakening process. I will walk with you, hold space for you and if relevant, offer my experiences to assist you in finding meaning in yours.

You can find me in Montreal, facilitating healing sessions and speaking on different spiritual subjects, or in the Amazonian jungle, guiding consciousness exploration journeys and Shamanic dietas. I am also offering Psychedelic Therapy, Psychedelic Integration support and Shamanic Counseling.