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Q: What is the difference between a master and a student?

A: The master has a larger perspective than the student. The master is not someone who has more information, but someone with a different perspective. The master is in a different paradigm than the student. The master has a different mind-set. The master is not someone who knows more, but someone who is more.

You stop being a student and become a master when you realise that you are not anymore a person waiting to be guided. You are a guide to your body residing in form. This is a shift in Consciousness. The student and the master become one. And that is you.

Q: What is the Integral Shaman view of the world? How the Integral Shaman experiences the world?

A: The shaman offers himself as a guide, supporting the explorer towards awakening. The shaman is holding the space for others by containing the whole reality in his own Consciousness and perceiving the observed object as himself.

When the distance between the object and the subject disappears we are stepping out of duality. When the attention is in the center, the attention becomes diffuse, spherical, and we can perceive other dimensions without focusing you attention ‘out there’ on the object of our observation. The shaman contains in his consciousness the subject and the reality around him. He feels everything in his body and lets the reality resonate in his body. Without reacting to it.

The center is in the Heart. The center point is actually a Field, a vibration, that is accessible only thorough an open Heart. In that Field you are completely transparent. You don’t resonate with an energy unless you want to. You don’t fight any energy, because fighting means tensions and pain. You move with grace, you dance through Existence.

In this spherical state of awareness, with the Heart fully opened, the shaman is in a state of perception without identification and resonance with the client’s emotions and thoughts, in a total non-judgmental state.

Q: Give us an example of what can be learned from an expanded state of Consciousness.

A: When you access higher astral planes every thought you have is manifested instantly. Every positive thought and every not so positive thought. Every fear or negative emotion is instantly manifested. You have a live demonstration of how you create Reality. Of how your thinking affects you and everything around you.

Focus thought creates Reality. The less dense dimension we create from, the faster the thoughts are manifested. In the dense physical dimension there is a certain delay between the thought and its materialisation. Because of this delay people don’t realize how important is what they think and feel. In an increased state of Awareness people can perceive how the vibration they put out in the world affects everything.

Experiencing an expanded state of Consciousness is a great way to learn how Creation works. Following such an Awareness expansion you are stretching back to your day-to-day Awareness, but the level you are now is higher than it used to be before the experience. You will never go back to the same level again. Each time you expand a little.

Also, by being able to maintain balance while in higher dimensions, you automatically re-align the mind mechanisms that are creating dissonance in your daily life. You are doing a fine tuning of your Being.

Q: What is the best method of protection against negative energy?

A: The belief that you need protection from anything, comes from a fear based belief, and invites the idea of attack. If you understand that nothing can harm you if you don’t operate of the same frequency domain, you don’t need protection. Because you are invisible to anything you are not the vibration of.

Q: How do we deal with people that are not being nice to us?

A: Everything is a manifestation created by your Higher Self to put you in situations to help you cultivate your highest vibration. Every character in your life are ‘actors’ and they are acting the way they are acting to help you refine your skills of integrity, honesty, morality and compassion. You should be grateful to such people for the role they are playing. For giving you the chance to respond. It doesn’t matter what comes to you, all it matters is how you respond.

Spiritual evolution amplifies whatever is unresolved in you. So, everything and everyone help you realize what you need to work on. What blockages you have. And this will happen until nothing triggers you. Until you become totally transparent. Until everything goes through you as coming from God and returns back to God. This is the state of pure Divine essence shining through you. You and the Creator are One, Nothing can hurt you.

Openness, Transparency and Honesty are necessary to get to such state. You open, you let yourself being touch, and by allowing this you become untouchable. You are transparent, in total non-identification with the roles your ego is playing. You are brutally honest with yourself. When someone is able to see right through you, into your soul, you should welcome it. Because your soul must be pure and anyone who looks into it could see only Light and Divine love. When people have totally visibility into you, this gives you the best opportunity to work on yourself. Having nothing to hide is the state in which you allow the Universe to give you what you need for your growth. And all you give back is love. You perceive everything, you feel everything, and what you give back is a vibration of compassion and gratitude.

Q: What are the attributes of an awaken person?

A: Think about a little child and the joy, the openness the child has. The heart of a child is open. That’s how an awaken person feels. On top of this, an awaken person is an aware person. He or she has Awareness in all his bodies, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. He feels more. He is Present in every moment. He truly lives in the Now. He has Trust in Existence. An awaken person Consciously creates his life.

Q: How do we deal with emotions?

A: Emotions are more powerful than thoughts. Emotions are non-rational. Unlike our thoughts, we don’t choose our emotions: we get them. Every day we absorb a certain quantity of emotions in the form of energetic charges and we store them inside our bodies.

The best practice is staying present with the uncomfortable feelings that we have inside our body. And really develop clarity about what the emotions truly are. We will realize that we cannot rely on emotions. They are always changing. We can wake up one morning and feel wonderful. We can have a lot of great plans. The next morning we wake up and we can feel completely different and all our plans are gone. Because we always want to have that emotional high. Most people live their lives like that, bouncing up and down on an emotional wave. We need to have the clarity and realize that this is not a reliable way of living.

There are more pure and reliable feelings: Love, Trust, Compassion. They are not really feelings but we identify them as such. They are states of being. Meditation can bring us in touch with such states.

The most important is the awareness in our body. Because the body has a certain stability. When we keep coming back to our bodies, breathing into the emotions, feeling our heart, we will reach a place of clarity.

Sacred plants can also be very useful. They can bring us clarity and bring us to a vibration that we can later reach by ourselves through meditation.

Q: How do we deal with a negative thought?

A: When a negative thought is there, we must say to ourselves: As a Soul, I accept that the Light of my Consciousness is trying to wake me up and remind me of the new correct choices I am here to make. Please show me what to do, please show me what to do differently and I will do it.

When you respond like that to a negative thought, instantly the negative thought will become Divine inspiring insight and direction. We stop become victim to it and we start working with it. We use any opportunity in our journey to grow and evolve.

Q: How to deal with pain?

A: Bring your attention into your heart and let you feel the experience of sadness, or fear. Let yourself fully drop into it. Surrender to it. Give your attention to fully feeling the sensation of sadness. Not to try to get rid of it, not to heal it or fix it. But simply to experience fully the sadness that is here in this moment.

When you let yourself feel it fully, it transforms, and it reveals itself as pure love. If you simply allow yourself to feel and meet and bring closer these darker shadows within, what you will find is when you meet them, there are no monsters in the closet actually, there is only pain. And when the pain is met, it is transmuted into your natural state which is love.