My aim is guiding as many people as possible to Awakening.

Awakening is a state humanity as a whole is moving towards. It cannot be taught through traditional means of our minds, but only through direct experience of expanded states of Consciousness and by integration into linear life of those states.

An Awaken person is an aware human being, who recognises his Creator side of his own experience. He is human and divine in the same time and he is aware of that. He is a human cured of the illusion of separation from the whole.

Main attributes of the Awaken state are: Presence, Awareness, Transparency and Compassion. When you awaken you are healed, you are whole, you are centered. The center point is the Heart. The Opened Heart.

For the Heart to open all four bodies – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – need to be clean and in perfect alignment. Only when all four bodies are in balance the Heart door unlocks and the Light of Being shines through.

The inner transformation a person needs to go through to achieve an Awaken state means a deep transformation of Consciousness, of the way the person feels and perceives Reality. This transformation of Consciousness changes the way we see ourselves and the way we relate to others. Our physical, energetic, emotional and mental health are significantly enhanced. A higher level of Consciousness is reflected in greater creativity. Health is enhanced and harmony is achieved. We experience abundance and joy in our lives. Here and now, in the physical reality.

In the new Earth Consciousness the veil between physical reality and the more subtle dimensions is becoming thinner. Everything is leading towards a slow merge between the physical reality plane and the astral planes. As a result more and more people become aware and have access to the subtle astral planes and in the same time more Light makes its way from those planes into the dense physical dimension. This light brings to the surface the blockages and the dense energy from ourselves. All the unresolved emotional and mental blockages created as a result of old traumas are surfacing now and they need to be dealt with. The approach of classical psychology, of working around the blockages and exclusively with the linear mind, is not working anymore. A deeper and integral approach is needed, an approach that is not limited to the linear physical dimension but is looking at the person as a complex Being that needs to wake up from the spiritual amnesia and become Aware of his truly essence.

I teach people how to maintain the Awakening, how to deal with its energy and make it permanent, as opposed to having a temporary awakening and then going back ‘to sleep’. I envision a life for myself and others where we wake up each day feeling connected, guided and at ease. Feeling real and true to who we are and what is passing through us. Feeling clear and with a sense of purpose. Living the awakening to the Truth. The Truth that: I Am Whole, I Am Love, I Am Free.