Understanding the condition of humanity through psychophysiology

Amaru Spirit is a holistic healing center, in the jungle outside of Iquitos, Peru. Research is being conducted at the center to further understand the connection between the body and mind. Through the observation of psychophysiological measure the biofeedback system of communication between the conscious mind and physiological response can be discerned. Through a naturalistic experimental paradigm, change can be observed in individuals, overtime, revealing a clearer picture of the healing properties of Ayahuasca and plant dietas. This research is being conducted to spread awareness of the medicinal value of the rainforest and to act as a voice for the protection of the jungle and the life that resides within.

Current project

The research at Amaru Spirit is in it’s developing stages, and there are some interesting events and information that are helping this project to evolve. Our team will be conducting workshops and be involved with conference presentations to spread awareness and support for the research and the healing properties of plant medicine. Below there is video and data presentations of the work so far. Along with ways that you could help support the research – through independent funding and information on participating in the research project.

Video release

A visual description of our mission

Contact us

Our research team is looking to expand to add complexity and depth to the study – we are looking for individuals with a fevor for adventure and a background in ethnobotany, psychopharmacology, physiological and cognitive research measures – with a proficiency in statistics and data collection. Though if you are not qualified in these areas feel free to reach out, each individual has a unique set of skills and an individual perspective that always has value.

To contact the research team please email –