OBE (Out of Body Experiences)

At Shamanica Institute we are teaching people techniques for inducing a conscious OBE. We are offering an integral view of the structure of the multi-dimensional planes accessible during an astral journey. We are also guiding people on integrating and using the OBE experiences into their daily life.

Experiences like out-of-body journeys can reveal to the observer that he or she (the object of the observation) is not limited to the physical body or dimension, can survive biological death, and hence is not of physical origin.

Many people who have had out-of-body experiences find that they are some of the most life-changing experiences that exist, having more evolutionary impact than many other types of spiritual experiences.

The preparation and daily practice are critically important because it conditions our mind to accept our unlimited potential for exploration beyond the physical body.

Lucid Dreaming, Lucid Walking, Lucid Being

“Individuation” (in a Jungian sense) refers to a type of psychic growth, through which the fragmented self becomes more whole through a process of integration. Lucid dreaming also involves a kind of “individuation,” in that for the lucid dreamer, two disparate “selves,” the waking self and the dream self, integrate to some extent into an expanded “lucid dreaming self.” In lucid dreaming the waking self, dormant during ordinary dreaming, becomes activated and integrated with the dreaming self. In a similar way, in lucid waking, the dreaming self becomes activated and integrated with the waking self in waking life, making available an enhanced sense of Beingness, as well as abilities not available to the waking self normally. As in lucid dreaming, in the beginning stages this state of consciousness often proves unstable, both as to duration as well as to the degree of integration achieved.

A “lucid waker” will experience both the physical and dreaming worlds simultaneously to some degree. As the dreaming world seems predominantly a world of meaning, this overlay will also result in experiencing more – or at least meaningfully intending more – with regard to what comes through the physical senses. In theory, effective healers and people who demonstrate high functioning psi in the waking state must to some extent experience lucid waking in order to do what they do. When healers “scan” you body, they may well do so by looking at the world through their “dream eyes,” as well as through their physical eyes.

This workshop will explore methods for developing enhanced Lucid Beingness in both waking and dreaming states.

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