Energy work

Perfect health is the natural state of a human being. Any dis-ease is nothing but a deviation from the Norm of the Creator, which is a perfect harmonious and healthy life.

Inside of us all is a set of intelligent, energetic systems that assist in maintaining health and balance and are associated with the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of ourselves. Within these energetic systems, the stress and traumas we have experienced all our lives leave traces of their presence and create blockages. Left unresolved, they become the cause of physical manifestation as dis-ease. Until such time as we have enough awareness and feel supported enough to get in touch with the pain stored there.

It’s far easier to hold something on the physical level than to feel the emotional pain and original trauma. It takes courage to dive into the pain and embrace it. But this is the only way you can truly heal.

The more serious the symptoms the more potential for change and evolution. We need to understand that all symptoms no matter how challenging are opportunities to grow and evolve and cultivate our life purpose. Each of us has a specific purpose that only we can fulfil. Our purpose is already within us it’s the quite voice of our soul and is deeply embedded in our hearts and DNA. Symptoms are healthy reactions to unhealthy situations. In other words we are often in situations that don’t honour our hearts and our true role in life. The unbalance between the Heart and the Mind, between what we are meant to be and what we think we should be, creates disharmony and disease. Only when the Heart longing and the Mind vision fully overlap our life force is returned. Healing is about learning to listen to our hearts, learning to trust the longing in our hearts.

I will connect with you at the Soul level and I will bring you to the right vibration to activate your inner healer.

We won’t focus on fixing the symptoms but work with you to understand how deeply embedded in your body the stress is and that all healing comes from within. Paradoxically, when the energy and information that is trapped in the blockage is transformed, the symptoms also disappear.

The healing is performed in an active participation approach, where the source of the disease is understood by the person and he or she participates in the healing. In the traditional energy healing approach the healing is performed by the healer, and without a conscious participation of the person in the healing process, the disease usually returns in a form or another.


The main energy healing technique I use is Original Feeling Touch OFT




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