Spiritual emergency assistance

The term ‘spiritual emergency’ was first used by Stanislav Grof and refers to dramatic experiences and unusual states of mind that traditional psychiatry diagnoses and treats as mental diseases and which are actually crises of personal transformation. When these states of mind are properly understood and treated supportively rather than suppressed by standard psychiatry routines, they can be healing and have very beneficial effects on the people who experience them.  The positive potential is expressed in the term spiritual emergency, which is a play on words, suggesting both a crisis and an opportunity of rising to a new level of awareness, or ‘spiritual emerge’.

The content of these experiences fall into three major categories. The first group involves experiences closely related to an individual’s life history, known as biographical category. The second category revolves around the issue of dying and being reborn; a close relationship to the trauma of biological birth earns this group the name perinatal. The third category is far beyond the limits of ordinary human experience and is closely related to the Jungian collective unconscious; these are called transpersonal experiences because they involve images and motifs that seem to have a source outside the individual’s personal history.

To list the most important varieties of spiritual emergencies:

– Mystical experiences

– Kundalini awakening

– Episodes of unitive consciousness (“peak experiences”)

– The crises of psychic opening

– Past-life experiences

– Near-death experiences

– Astral projections, astral travelling

– Communications with spirit guides, channeling

– Experiences of close encounters with UFOs

– Synestesia

When a spiritual emergency crisis occurs the person has the natural impulse of covering it up or running away from it. This also is the traditional psychology and the psychiatry approach: suppressing the crises and trying to put things back in place, the way they were before the crises emerged. The crises is seen as an illness instead of a potential door to new level of awareness.

I help people understand these experiences, use their immense potential for healing and personal growth and integrate them into their day to day life.

I will support you through your awakening process. I will walk with you, hold space for you and if relevant, offer my experiences to assist you in finding meaning in yours.

I am a member of ISEN – International Spiritual Emergence Network since 2019.

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